How to make your own Soy Wax candles

How to make your own Soy Wax candles

As a beginner, it was a good decision to buy a DIY candle making kit, as it comes with soy wax flakes, pre-cut wicks, and centering devices. In our kits, we have also included a gift box, an essential oil, 3 dyes and petals, so that you can experiment with your candles.

Measure the wax - Measure out how much wax you would need to fill your container, then double it. That’s how much wax you will need to melt.

Melt the wax - Pour the wax into your double boiler and allow it to melt for 10 to 15 minutes, stirring frequently.

Add fragrance oil - When your candle wax is melted, it’s time to add fragrance oils. You only need about 10-15 drops in these tins. Simply pour it into your melted wax and stir for a few seconds. Such a great option for your candles.

Add your dye - Use a small amount first and then add more until you get the colour you want.

Attach the wick - The wick needs to be attached to the bottom of your container before you pour in the wax. You can attach the wick to the bottom of the jar by using the stickers provided in this kit or by dipping it in the melting wax then quickly sticking it to the bottom of the container. Let the wax sit for five minutes to harden.

Pour the wax - Before you pour the wax into your container, let it cool for a few minutes. Then, slowly pour the wax into your jar. Hold the wick in place, but don’t pull on it. Leave a small amount of wax in the boiler for topping up your candle later. Here you may want to add petals, or your choice of decoration, to your candle.

Secure the wick - To prevent your wick from swaying in the melted wax, you need to secure it in place. Use a wick spacer by threading the wick through the hole so it stays centred while the wax hardens. Allow the wax to set for 4 hours at room temperature. If your candle hardened with an unsightly top (think cracks or holes) simply reheat and add your remaining wax.

Lastly, cut the wick - Your candle wick should be about 1cm long.

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