Making beautiful jewellery pieces using our Epoxy Resin KIt

Making beautiful jewellery pieces using our Epoxy Resin KIt

Resin is a chemical compound that starts as a liquid and, when mixed correctly, hardens to create a shiny, waterproof, hard substance.  

There are no limits to creativity when selecting the elements to be cast in the resin. Flowers, stickers, pearls, stones, glitter, food or even real prepared insects – everything is possible. Sometimes it is advisable to test the effect of such an element in the resin before casting the actual object.

It is definitely easier to work with solid, compact but not too heavy elements, because they do not lose their shape in the epoxy resin. (e.g. small beads, glitter or mica flakes) These can also be mixed with the resin without any problems. Heavy objects such as crystals and small stones must be poured in between the individual resin layers, otherwise they would sink. Casting resin is low viscosity, i.e. very thin in consistency (in contrast to resin used for resin art).

 Natural materials or dried flowers must be placed in the still liquid resin with a lot of dexterity, otherwise they might appear as unsightly lumps in the resin. In this case it can be helpful to seal the elements with glue beforehand.

Once you have decided on a jewellery silicone mould, it is very useful to estimate beforehand how much of the mixture is actually needed to fill the mould.

Mix only about half of the required amount and pour it into the mould. Optionally, the resin can be additionally coloured after mixing.

Objects which are very light can be positioned in the still liquid resin. Afterwards the mixture should dry for at least 24 hours. Once the first layer has hardened, position larger and heavier objects that you want to cast. If necessary, you can fix them with a small amount of resin to prevent slipping.
After this has hardened, fill the rest of the mould with the epoxy resin and let it dry as recommended by the manufacturer.

Exact information on how long the resin you are using takes to cure completely can be found in the manufacturer’s instructions on the packaging. Please observe these during processing. With most synthetic resins which are suitable for epoxy resin jewelry, the casting is sufficiently hardened after approx. 48 hours to release it from the mould.

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