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2 x Needle Felting Perforator Pen Tools with 3 Needles - Pink

2 x Needle Felting Perforator Pen Tools with 3 Needles - Pink

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You can replace the needles in the pen or work with only one or two if necessary. The needles are triangular with tiny grooves on the sides to catch the wool. Substitute needles can be used 020751.

Whether you are a beginner or an expert felter, this quality felting tool is perfect for you! The pen style felting needle is made of top quality material, is sturdy, and is best for delicate projects.

If you want to have total control when felting, this pen style with an ergonomic handle is perfect for you! Not only is it very safe when working, this tool will make you finish projects in no time without cramps or hurting! It is very extremely comfortable! The size is perfect to hold it like a pen or pencil style.

Perfect for small or delicate Felt projects: Can use 1, 2 or 3 needles. Triple felting needles are formed into lines or triangles for different purposes. Line type is special for creating lines and embellishing the border of felting projects. Triangle type is for doing 3d and delicate felting work. Needles can be changed according to your specification.

Our products are carefully crafted and tested so we can deliver only the best. Our needle felting tool has its own quality control aspects which are checked step by step to ensure quality standard is achieved.

User manual: 1) The wool is processed into a soft pad using a felt needle. A felt brush or foam pad can be used as an underlay pad. 2) Wool and applique patterns are pressed gently with your fingers and punching begins with a felting pen along the contour. Make sure it is even when punching. Use the felting pen gently, do not push hard! Changing the needle: if the needle breaks, replace it with a new one by unscrewing the spring cover and continue to replace the needle with a new one, making sure to insert the new needle till the very end.

Total length of Peb: 15 cm
Diameter of needle: 0.7mm

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  • 2 x Felt Perforator Pen (Pink)
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