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215 Piece DIY Embroidery Starter Kit

215 Piece DIY Embroidery Starter Kit

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The Best Gift for the Embroidery Starter with 203 pieces included in this kit.

Embroidery is the craft of decorating fabric or other materials using a needle to apply thread or yarn. Embroidery may also incorporate other materials such as pearls, beads, quills, and sequins.

This Full Range of embroidery starter kits is equipped with all the tools you use for embroidery. It will be the best gift for the embroidery beginner.

The embroidery hoops are made of Natural bamboo and come in sizes 13cm,16cm ,20cm, ,23cm, 26cm. The embroidery hoops have a brass adjustment screw so that you can tighten them when necessary to keep the fabric as tight as a drum

What's in the box

  • 5 x bamboo embroidery hoops: size 13/17/20/23/25 cm
  • 100 colours embroidery threads
  • 3 x Aida cloth: 30*45 cm 11CT
  • 5 x water-soluble pens
  • 1 x pin cushion
  • 1 x measuring tape
  • 40 x sewing pins
  • 1 x line wax
  • 30 x embroidery needles
  • 10 x floss bobbins
  • 4 x cross stitch needle-threading tool
  • 1 x thimble
  • 1 x scissor
  • 1 x untwist tool
  • 1 x Instruction leaflet
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