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60 pieces Charcoal Drawing Sketch Set in a Wooden Case

60 pieces Charcoal Drawing Sketch Set in a Wooden Case

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Professional Art Kit, 60 pieces Drawing and Sketching Art Set, Coloured Pencils and Charcoal Pencils in a Case

Why should you try charcoal drawing you may ask. It's because charcoal is a smooth yet brittle material that has similar properties to chalk pastel. The dark substance comes in different forms—some are hard while others are soft—but overall it offers a quick sketching experience.

This Professional drawing kit-ensure smooth lines in sketches or drawings, providing realistic works of art
The brush strokes are delicate, smooth and silky, with healthy and high-quality materials and fine workmanship
It contains a total of 60 pieces of pencils, charcoal pens, wooden figures, rulers, carbon sticks, paper pens, etc. to improve your sketching skills
High-grade wooden storage box, you can easily store and preserve your drawing pencils
This set is suitable for beginners and professional artists alike

 What's in the box

  • 12 Pieces sketching pencils
  • 12 Pieces coloured graphite rods
  • 4 Pieces pastel pencils
  • 3 Pieces carbonized pencils
  • 1 Piece plastic ruler
  • 1 Piece utility tool
  • 1 Piece eraser
  • 1 Piece person metal pencil sharpener
  • 1 Piece wooden man
  • 6 Pieces graphite carbon rods
  • 6 Pieces of carbon rods
  • 4 Pieces wicker sticks
  • 3 Pieces solid paper pens
  • 1 Piece extender
  • 1 Piece soft eraser
  • 1 Piece plastic sharpener
  • 1 Piece sketchbook
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