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Electric Candle Wax Melter Stainless Steel - 38L

Electric Candle Wax Melter Stainless Steel - 38L

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Looking for a high-quality, durable electric wax melter for candle making? Look no further than our Electric Stainless Steel Wax Melter! Ideal for both commercial and home use, this wax melter is built to last with sturdy stainless steel construction.

The urn comes with a stainless steel jug.

It has a huge 38L capacity, making it perfect for melting large batches of wax at once. Just set the inbuilt thermostat dial to your desired temperature, and release the wax by pulling the tap once fully melted!   

How much wax does the urn hold?   These pots have a capacity of wax that it takes to fill the urn ie how many liters it will take of dried ingredients but once the wax has melted down it has a real capacity.

Capacity: 38L
Real Capacity: 26L
Power: 1800W
Voltage: 220V~240V/50Hz,
Max-temp: 110'c
Package Includes:2.1L jug.

Please do not adjust the temperature to a very high level.
It is most appropriate to adjust it to 60-65.
Mix it properly whilst melting your wax.

In the box:

1 x Urn

1 x Stainless Steel Jug

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