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Electric Trimmer With Shearing Guide for Tufting

Electric Trimmer With Shearing Guide for Tufting

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Trimmer -
Repurposed clippers make one of the best tools we’ve found for sculpting tufted cut-pile pieces. This versatile tool lets you play with dimension, bring extra detail to lettering, round corners, and edges, and clean up stray yarn strands. An adjustable dial lets you control speed, while the wood-and-rubber handle makes for a comfortable grip during extended use. Ideal for small to medium rugs.

A masterpiece would be incomplete without the finishing touches that add depth, color, and life to it. Our heavy-duty Carpet Carving Trimmer is the tool to help you create the texture required for the critical detail that completes your creative tufted work.

With 200W power and adjustable speeds of 2000-6000 Rpm, this rug carving trimmer can clean out loose ends, shape your tufted rug better, and create a greater definition for your work. Make those extra popping details to get your creations to a whole new level. Comfortable to grip, it’s dependable for creating that dimension you want for the final effect.

Our carpet trimmer is a new type of 30-teeth steel-ceramic blade combined with the ceramic movable blade, including a curly-wavy coat and long coat design, so the ceramic trimmer can easily sculpt the tufted cut pile.

With a carpet trimmer, you may experiment with dimension, add more detail to writing, round corners and edges, and remove yarn snafus. You can change the speed of the carpet trimmer using a dial, and the wood-and-rubber handle provides a comfortable grip for prolonged use. Ideal for small to medium rugs.

Shearing Guide for the Trimmer -
Trimmers are a great tool for creating plush, uniform rugs, but one slip or rotation can gouge your finished piece, damaging it for good. This shearing platform acts as both a guide and protective guard for added control as you even out your pile.
Adjustable brackets hold the shears in place against a clear acrylic platform for easy visibility and variable shearing depth. Brackets attach to most sheep shears on the market.

Key Features:

Non-Slip Grip
Ergonomic Handle
High-powered Performance
Clean Cut
Adds Texture To Your Work
Adjustable Blade Trimmer
Adjustable Speed
Ceramic Blade

Power: 200w
Adjustable speed from 2000 – 6000 rpm
Universal voltage 100 – 240v

What's in the box
1 x Tufting Trimmer
1 x Shearing Guide
1 x Cleaning Brush
2 x Length Guards
1 x Instruction
1 x carry case

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