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Electric Tufting Rug Carving Scissors

Electric Tufting Rug Carving Scissors

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Get the best Rug Carving Tool, Supplied with extra blades, brushes and screws

Our electric Rug Carving Scissors are the answer to the problem of clean, sharp lines and three-dimensional rugs; they were intended for carving or sculpturing carpets and are powered by an electric motor. The V Carving Machine, on the other hand, is driven by an air compressor; this tool, on the other hand, is easier to operate and can be used for carving both large and minor aspects of a design. Finish your rug with these electric carving scissors! The best way to create precise lines and details is to use a pen.

These light and versatile electric rug carving scissors are ideal for producing 3D sculpting and accurate lines definition. The variable speed allows you to have full control and make precise and smooth cuts. Easy to master, these carpet carving scissors will enhance any rug to a professional level.


  • Give a tufted rug new depth and dimension
  • It is important to stop the colors from running at the edges of your shapes. It enables you to generate lines that are more crisp and clear.
  • It is light in weight, voltage varies widely from 100-240 V, and speed is adjustable.

Perfect for seasoned tufters who want a clean look, these powerful electric carving scissors allow you to shape rugs with precision. The industrial scissors add dimension between tufted shapes and colors, create factory-smooth rug borders, sculpt cut-pile edges and carve subtle lines and textures into your pile. Bring extra detail to your lettering and clean up stray yarn strands as you work.

An adjustable dial lets you control clipper speed while the handle makes for a comfortable grip during extended use.

*When in use, Electric Rug Carving Scissors are similar in both noise level and weight to our 2-in-1 tufting machine.


What's in the box
  • 1 x Rug Carving Scissors
  • 2 Extra replacement blades,
  • 2 Carbon brushes, extra screws
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