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Best Seller 53 piece LeatherCraft Tool Kit

Best Seller 53 piece LeatherCraft Tool Kit

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Excellent Leather Tool Kit: This leather tooling kit includes an adjustable edge creaser, scratch wire wheel, leather cutting knife, leather groover, awls, prong punch, leather skiver, waxed thread, and other tools for leatherworking and sewing.

Leather Groover and Scratch Wheel: The leather groover can dig a groove on the leather. The scratch wire wheel can pierce a straight line on the leather surface, which is convenient for sewing leather.

Wax Threads and Leather Needles: The leather working tools contains six colours of wax thread, which are white, natural, yellow, red, brown, and black. In addition, there are sewing needles and big eye needles for leather sewing.

High Quality: All our wooden handles are specially designed and have a smooth surface. The waxed thread is 50m long and very durable.

Leather Kit for Beginner: We provide you with product instructions introducing how to use these tools, making this leathercraft kit very easy for beginners to use.

What's in the box
This 53 piece Leather Tool Kit consists of:
1 x thimble
1 x beeswax
1 x finger cot
2 x wooden awl
2 x stitching awl
1 x scissor
1 x leather groove
4 x prong punch (4 sizes)
2 x stitching wheel (2 sizes)
6 x waxed threads (50m)
13 x leather sewing needles
1 x leather edge creaser
1 x leather knife
1 x Wide Mouth Leather Edge Beveler
1 x leather skiver
10 x skiver blades
1 x art carving knife
1 x compass
1 x automatic belt punch
1 x rotary cutter
1 x instruction booklet

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