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LeatherCraft Stamp Tool Kit for Leather Design

LeatherCraft Stamp Tool Kit for Leather Design

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Leather Stamping Tool Includes 1x Carving hammer,1x Rotating knife, 4x Tracing pens, and 20 X leather printing tools.

All tools in our leather carving kit are made with premium quality materials providing you with a more lasting and satisfying user experience. Even more, our craft supplies are easy to use. Buy with confidence!:

The Rotating Knife is made of alloy steel, which is very nice and sharp although you cut into damp leather, and you can also change the angle at any time.

The Leather Working Embossing Tools are made of alloy steel, and have 20 different printings, making your leather product more beautiful and unique.

The Tracing Pens are wood and steel and are used for creating dots and details.

The sharper angle on these tools makes it easier to negotiate the finer details in any tighter floral pattern. This set features a fine checkered pattern which would be a great addition to any leather carver's collection

The Wooden Nylon Hammer size:Length: 210mm, width is 50mm,
The Leathercraft Stamps are 16mm in length and 25mm in width
The Carving Knife length is 84mm
The Tracing Pens length is 130mm

Please Note: This set is suitable for beginners, but not for perfectionists, or extremists.

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