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New 2024 KRT-DUO 2 IN 1 Tufting Gun

New 2024 KRT-DUO 2 IN 1 Tufting Gun

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New Intelligent Control, Lighter, Less Vibration & Runs Faster

Tufting is the process of passing a thread through a primary base material. Primarily used to make rugs, its uses are limited to your imagination. Other common uses include pillows, art pieces, and clothing. There are two finishing methods, cut and loop pile.

Tufting machines work by using a mechanical needle to push the yarn through a tufting cloth. Once through, the machine either cuts the yarn or it leaves in a loop. This results in two different finishing styles.

Our new 2024 KRT-DUO, with a smart control on the rear, is quieter and easier on the arms due to its lower vibration technology and lightr weight. The intelligent control touch screen is now the main control feature of the gun and replaces the traditional on/off switch and the button to to speed up and slow down. These are now found on the control panel.

The easy tufter comes in two models, the cut pile and the loop pile. Our KRT-DUO 2-in-1 Tufting Gun does both cut and loop pile and has protective gear and motor covers which help prevent the yarn getting caught in the gears.

It is important to note that when using the machine you should add a drop of lubricant every hour that you are working. A drop or into the holes on the top of the machine will help your gun run smoothly. Also have a small paint brush handy to clear the gun of any yarn residue.

When you purchase a machine for the first time, you'll also need the following materials/tools to go with it:
- Yarn
- Primary Backing
- Primary Glue
- Secondary glue
- Secondary backing
- Tufting fram


What's in the box
  • 1 x KRT-DUO 2in1 Tufting Gun
  • 1 x Instruction Guide
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