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Pyrography - Wood Burning Set (Professional)

Pyrography - Wood Burning Set (Professional)

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Creating beautiful artwork is a great talent and skill. Having the correct tools to master the skill is key. This Pyrography set will allow you to take your hobby or business to the next level. Great for both beginners and advanced pyrographers.
This set ensures great results are achieved through professional tools.

Features of this set:
x 2 burning pens which means changing tips is required less as you have 2 ready to go!
x The control box displays the set temperature and allows for ease of changing temperature, switching between pens safely.
x The double stand ensures the pens are secure and safe.
x Cleaning sponge to ensure your tips are always in the best possible condition
x 20 Tips ensures all required angles and shades desired are achieved effectively.
x Steady temperature provided is important for consistency.
x Work smart and not hard. Colour and depth is achieved through temperature and movement - not pressure - you have complete control here.
x Complete set including the screwdriver to change the tips.

x Model LHH40
x 60 Watt
x 0 - 700 degrees Celsius.
x 220 Volt
x Steady Performance
x Packaged Weight 1.6 kg
x Packaged size 23cm x 19cm x 17cm
x 2 prong Power Plug

Note that wood burning tools become extremely hot. Take the necessary caution when using these tools and ensure a safe environment. Do not leave the set unattended when using it.


What's in the box
  • 1 x Control Unit
  • 2 x Burner Pens (to hold the tips)
  • Double Pen stand with sponge
  • Screwdriver (to change tips)
  • 20 Wire Tips
  • User Manual
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