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Resin Accessories Jewellery Making Supply Kit with Tons of Resin Supplies

Resin Accessories Jewellery Making Supply Kit with Tons of Resin Supplies

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 This Resin Decoration Supplies Kit: This kit for resin jewellery making contains 12 pcs mica resin pigments, 12 colors butterfly sequins, 12 pcs gold foil flakes, 10 pcs resin glitters, 6 packs fruit polymer slices, 1 box mermaid bead, 2 boxes seashells, 6 pieces gemstones beads, 2 bags mylar flakes, 1 pack mini dried flower, 1 pack pressed dried flower, 1 bottle golden beads, 1 pack gears, 1x tweezers, 80 pieces resin mixing tools and a 3-layer plastic box for convenient storage

A Variety of Resin Accessories Supplies: A large amount of resin jewellery making supplies are beyond your imagination, gold foil flakes, resin glitters, dried flowers, butterfly sequins, gemstone beads, seashells, golden beads, pigment powder, and other resin art fillers for resin starters to make epoxy crafts and resin jewelry making

Tools for Resin Crafting: This resin starter kit comes with a series of resin tools of mixing sticks, fingers cots, a small spoon, and a tweezer help you to pick up resin art decorations and produce resin crafts well

Convenient to Store: A 3-layer plastic storage box is a good container for such abundant resin accessories and supplies, which is portable and gets rid of the mess. And make this resin jewellery kit ideal as a gift for resin craft lovers and beginners

Wide Application: You can use resin art craft supplies as embellishments in resin jewelry, slime, nail art, polymer clay, scrapbooking, and other art and crafts projects


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