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Tufting Bundle includes KRT-DUO, Trimmer with Guide, Frame, 3m2 Primary Fabric, 3.6m2 Backing Fabric

Tufting Bundle includes KRT-DUO, Trimmer with Guide, Frame, 3m2 Primary Fabric, 3.6m2 Backing Fabric

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Just starting out? Here is a deal for you! A new KRT-Duo Tufting Gun, A Trimmer with Shearing guide, a Tufting Frame and a Fabric Combo 

Our Tufting Bundle has been hand picked just for you. Here is more about it.

New 2024 KRT-DUO 2 IN 1 Tufting Gun

Our new 2024 KRT-DUO, with a smart control on the rear, is quieter and easier on the arms due to its lower vibration technology and lightr weight. The intelligent control touch screen is now the main control feature of the gun and replaces the traditional on/off switch and the button to to speed up and slow down. These are now found on the control panel.

The easy tufter comes in two models, the cut pile and the loop pile. Our KRT-DUO 2-in-1 Tufting Gun does both cut and loop pile and has protective gear and motor covers which help prevent the yarn getting caught in the gears.

Electric Trimmer With Shearing Guide for Tufting

Repurposed clippers make one of the best tools we’ve found for sculpting tufted cut-pile pieces. This versatile tool lets you play with dimension, bring extra detail to lettering, round corners, and edges, and clean up stray yarn strands. An adjustable dial lets you control speed, while the wood-and-rubber handle makes for a comfortable grip during extended use. Ideal for small to medium rugs.

A masterpiece would be incomplete without the finishing touches that add depth, color, and life to it. Our heavy-duty Carpet Carving Trimmer is the tool to help you create the texture required for the critical detail that completes your creative tufted work.

With 200W power and adjustable speeds of 2000-6000 Rpm, this rug carving trimmer can clean out loose ends, shape your tufted rug better, and create a greater definition for your work. Make those extra popping details to get your creations to a whole new level. Comfortable to grip, it’s dependable for creating that dimension you want for the final effect.

Our carpet trimmer is a new type of 30-teeth steel-ceramic blade combined with the ceramic movable blade, including a curly-wavy coat and long coat design, so the ceramic trimmer can easily sculpt the tufted cut pile.

With a carpet trimmer, you may experiment with dimension, add more detail to writing, round corners and edges, and remove yarn snafus. You can change the speed of the carpet trimmer using a dial, and the wood-and-rubber handle provides a comfortable grip for prolonged use. Ideal for small to medium rugs.

This carpet trimmer has 5 adjustable blade distances and a wooden shearing guide. Now you can safely trim your cut pile rugs even if you've never done it before without fearing cutting your primary tufting cloth.

Tufting Frame DIY Kit with Yarn Holder and Table Clamps

Our high-quality wood rug tufting frame is made with wool holders and eye bolts which is designed to be used as a table top frame, however it can be used on the ground by inverting the frame upside down and securing the bottom of the frame that's touching the ground with adhesive tack.

Equipped with two woodworking clamps, which can be fixed on the desktop. Includes a yarn feeder to support cones while you work. Our frame can save you the trouble of purchasing wood panels, carpet strips and tools separately. Our tufting frame is suitable for the desktop frame of the tufting gun.

Assembly is super easy and can be completed in under 10 minutes. The set comes with all required hardware so you don't need to purchase anything else. You only need a standard head screw driver to complete the task.

The thickness of the wooden strip 2.5cm and the width 7cm. The weight of the whole set is 5.5kg. The inner diameter of the wooden frame is 70cm, so you need a tufted cloth of at least 90x90cm.

Tufting Primary Fabric & Backing Fabric Bundle

Primary Tufting Fabric - 1.5m x 2m -Has Superior Durability. The Primary Rug Tufting Fabric is crafted with exceptional durability in mind. Its high-quality construction ensures that your finished rugs will withstand the test of time, maintaining their integrity and beauty even with frequent use.
-The Primary Rug Tufting Fabric is designed for ease of use, making it suitable for both beginners and experienced rug makers. Its smooth texture allows for effortless tufting, while its consistent thickness ensures uniform results throughout your projects

Backing Fabric - 1.8m x 2m :-Our Backing Fabric offers enhanced grip. It provides excellent grip and stability, allowing your tufted rugs to stay securely in place. With its reliable adhesion properties, you can trust that your rugs will not slip or slide on various floor surfaces.

-Crafted from a blend of high-quality synthetic fibers, this backing fabric offers exceptional strength and resilience. The carefully chosen materials guarantee a stable and durable foundation for your tufted rug


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