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VLOXO Multifunctional Scissors Cordless with LED charger for Tufting

VLOXO Multifunctional Scissors Cordless with LED charger for Tufting

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Since 2005 VLOXO is dedicated to providing customers with products of superior quality, competitive prices, and outstanding service.

VLOXO electric rotary fabric cutter has 240RPM cutting speed and a 1/4" cutting capacity. Compared with manual scissors, cordless electric scissors are more powerful and strong. The electric cutters allow you to cut harder materials with less pulling force, saving you time and energy. You can cut cardboard, leather, plastic mats, carpets, felts, etc. effortlessly. It is a great working tool for handicrafts and manual work.

This electric box cutter is equipped with an automatic sharpening system, which keeps the edges of the octagonal blades sharp at all times. To ensure your every cut is precise and smooth, please always keep the area around the blade guard clean. Remove dust and chips by blowing them out with compressed air or with a brush.

The rechargeable multi-purpose scissors are equipped with a safety lock switch, both the trigger and the lock-out switch need to be pressed to make it operate, which can effectively avoid the accidental start of electric scissors. After the scissors are started, the hand holding the safety switch can be released. Safer to use, cutting your time and energy.

The handle of these mini electric scissors by VLOXO is ergonomically designed to allow both left-handed and right-handed users to complete the cutting work smoothly. It weighs less than 1 pound and measures less than 9" long, making it very easy to store and carry with the storage box.

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